Let’s Keep Talking

As many of you are probably aware, on January 28th, here in Canada, the company Bell has a wildly successful campaign called #bellletstalk that’s designed to raise money for mental health charities using social media. This year, in one day, they raised over $6 Million dollars!! Stories poured in from everywhere and it was incredible to see how many people were stepping forward to speak about mental illness.

It doesn’t need to stop here though. One day simply isn’t enough to talk about it. Conversations need to be happening every day and at every level. People need to feel as comfortable discussing their struggles with depression or anxiety as they would talking about battling any other illness. For so long, mental illness has been the dirty little secret that’s been whispered about in families. Nobody wanted to talk about that one person in their family that didn’t “fit in” or “wasn’t right”.

#Letskeeptalking is the latest hashtag that’s being used to keep the conversation going. No corporate sponsor for opinionated columnist to get on their high horse to rant about with this tag. Just a challenge for people to keep talking about mental illness and change attitudes. Only with honest and compassionate conversations can we effect change. Will you do your part?

Join the movement. Bring mental illness out of the shadows and into the light where it belongs. Rip down the curtains of shame and instead bring forth support and comfort to those brave enough to share their stories.

Let’s keep talking.


About wendyenberg

Living the best life I can with BPD, Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety and PTSD. Mental illness won't stop me from achieving my dreams - it will inspire me to keep fighting harder.
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