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Does everyone seem to just know what their purpose and passion is in life? I feel like I have always been struggling to find what gives me passion and drive and a sense of completion. Perhaps that’s why I feel such an emptiness and longing inside of me?

I get excited about things, but I abandon them as quickly as I begin them. I devote all of my extra energy and time into things, only to find myself bored with them in a short time. For awhile it was painting, then writing, then creating a page on Facebook, being an advocate, jigsaw puzzles….the list goes on and on but I can honestly say that when I abandon something, it literally leaves my mind. I even struggle to find the memories of the enjoyment I had with the activity, but it’s like it’s gone. Poof – erased from the mind.


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About wendyenberg

Living the best life I can with BPD, Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety and PTSD. Mental illness won't stop me from achieving my dreams - it will inspire me to keep fighting harder.
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